Saturday, January 12, 2008

Les vacances

Il fait longtemps. Sorry! Over Christmas I got to vacation in France with some of the family. It was AMAZING! It was so good to see them to to spend time with them. I don't have a lot of time now, but I just wanted to share some thoughts/experiences I had on my vacation. The first big difference I noticed on the plane was how people baby there children! On the plane I saw a four year old with a binky. Here in Cameroon I will often see two year olds walking to school by themselves, four year olds with a huge pail of water on their heads and six year olds with a huge pail of water on their heads and a baby on their back.
Then I got off the plane and everything was so new and clean and organized! I went into a supermarket and my jaw almost hit the floor with the selection and overall cleanliness of each box.
I had 10 days of hot showers, and all the delicious foods I could get my hands on! I think my parents thought I was a little crazy, because things like carpet were exciting me.
It was great though and I am glad I had the chance. Coming back was a little difficult. It is the dry season and dust from the sahara blows down and makes the air gritty, which isn't fun, but as I came back there were a lot of people who were really excited to see me back and that made me feel better. I was especially excited to go to my english class. My mom brought a bunch of kids books that women from church donated and I read some to my class, which they really liked. Next week I am starting a Business Club at the high school. EEKS! I am nervous! I will be teaching budgeting, feasibility studies, etc. IN FRENCH! Well, here we go!
I will try to blog more often for those of you who still check it out de temps en temps.
Lots of Love!