Sunday, November 4, 2007

By a landslide

Last week, or more like two weeks ago, there was a huge landslide just about a kilometer outside oe K├ękem. It completely swept away the highway that serves as the main route between Douala and Bafoussam, but it took down 7 houses and one elderly lady was killed. It is towards the end of the rainy season and landslides, although not of this magnitude, are common. In order for me to get to Bafang to check email I have to get out of the bush taxi and hike through mud for a good 100 meters and then get another taxi on the other side. Yet the entreprenuerial spirit here is alive and well. Within a day there were young guys renting out big rubber boots so people could cross without getting their shoes dirty and others who you can hire to carry your stuff so that you can cross easier. It is slowly clearing up to where they can make a path for motos to gt through, but the process will be slow.
After this incident I was at the bank a couple of days later and a man who is a "grand mutualiste" came into the bank and started talking to me about it as everyone did. Then I was surprised and a little confused as he started to tell me that it happened due to some connection with a four-headed snake that someone spotted on the same hill the next day! This man is a highly educated school administrator so I was shocked that he'd actually believe this, but beliefs in sorecrey and magic are all still very prevalent. Even watching T.V. I will see things about people killed by scorcery and the like.
Well, as for me all is well. I started teaching english, as I think I mentioned, and it is challenging but I enjoy it. The kids' (47 of them!) ages range from 11-16 and their levels all vary dramatically which makes it difficult, but I enjoy going and trying to teach them something. I do not have very much time today, but I wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that I am alive and well.