Friday, July 13, 2007


Howdy All!
I apologize for the long silence. Life has been very busy over the last couple of weeks! I write because today I recieved my placement, aka the place I will be living for the next two years! It is in Kekem in the West province, it is a pretty small town and I am going to be working with a small local microfinance institution there. Next week I leave to go and visit the town, which makes me pretty nervous but I am sure that it will be fine.
The west province is the most developed part of cameroon and there are a lot of volunteers in the neighboring towns, which will be great for me not only to have a support network when I really need an American to talk to, but also for networking purposes as we start with our various projects.
Last weekend me and a friend made a trip to Bafossam (which a trainer called the Chicago of Cameroon) but it was like no other city I have ever been to. It was bustling and busy, I almost got run over about twenty times. But we found a supermarche where they had what seemed to me all the heavenly products in the world, like corn flakes and shampoo!!
Also in Bafossam we noticed a naked man just walking down the center of the street, now this wasn,t as strange to me as the fact that no one else seemed to even notice him! Ooh, but we also saw a cinema which was exciting!
Anyways I am out of time....stay tuned there is more to come later!
I miss you all and am wishing you the best,